/ the only way is up

Heading-up Lexington to The Center for Foreign Countries Medicine, we end-up, uptown, three flights up to get shots.

A beautiful greek revival building or Pre-war (which war?) townhouse located
Upper – East. High ceiling, Sun – drenched Rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows,
(sorry no stainless steel appliances in the unprobable non-gourmet kitchen)This must be the best looking Medical Center I have ever been to, Beside a Damien Hurst Exhibit at the MoMa.

For a second I get anxious to see how all the accommodations will adds-up on the bill.

Claire and I are picking-up the 4-page forms and realize what is coming-up.
Multiple shots to prevent everything we will encounter on our Journey East.

Looking-up at the beautiful ceiling, its not a michael – angelo fresco is it?,
We take the opportunity of the 5mn rest away from the office perpetual pizzazz
(Claire trying to Jazz-up powerpoint, home pages, white papers, one-sheet, two-sheets, 4 sheets brochures is probably tired of making-up stories by now.)

it’s only by the end of our wait time to be seringued that I noticed a series of beautiful coffee table books on the massive center table. The three of them, problably 20lb all together were featuring ‘Beautiful Texas”; I knew it was a foreign country.

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