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/ 1638.8 Miles later…

the Pacific ocean at sunset.

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/ Vegas baby!

unfortunately I didn’t get a shot from the front, but she was tanked. Eyeliner down around her jowls, souvenir glass in one hand, pall-mall in the other. Just another great day at the Golden Nugget.

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/ e-milk flooded

If you work at STC you probably think you already receive too many emails. Check this Japanese commercial for a dairy product ( I love japanese people, they are so wacked) and reconsider. Now that is a M(a)ilk box overflow…

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/ Singapore Day in New York city

I still don’t get why some people move to singapore when the Singapore action is in NYC…

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/ orange still rule

Looks like orange still rule these days, after getting a brand new meaning a few years ago by being endorsed as the color of change during the Elections in Ukraine, Francois Bayrou, apresidential hopeful in the first round of the … Continue reading

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/ I blame Al Gore

Yup… snow.

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/ Oh my god! I killed Kenny…

Yes kiddies, that’s South Park… no I did not see Starvin Marvin.

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/ STC mean

what happens when you combine every person in the STC office? something along these lines…

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/ heh

How colors can affect mood

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