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/ English Humour 2

Come on guys ( guys) you all wish you did that in your life once. here

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/ English Humour

ad for a Buliding system technologie software Racy as usual when Britons think about sex, check it out

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/ China and Design

looks like the communists are loosing ground on the concept of unique thinking: China is witnessing a wave of entrepeneurs rise at the creative level. link to the article from fast company

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/ The Martin Agency, apparently Richmond Virgina is cool.

They have been around for 27 years and changed buisness model a few time. Read a book about prehistory and you get your caveman campaign. very interesting article on insider view of advertising.

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/ ABC turns to cavemen

ABC turns to cavemen NEW YORK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – ABC on Tuesday announced plans for 12 new television shows next season, including a spinoff of its hit hospital drama “Grey’s Anatomy” and a caveman comedy based on the popular Geico … Continue reading

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/ Advertising is dead, long live advertising

Microsoft thinks the advertising business model for traditional media — those venues where advertisers still channel most of their spending — will fall apart faster in the coming five years as the kind of interactive, targeted advertising that is defining … Continue reading

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/ mouse mechanics

It’s a simple device, your mouse pointer, and most people don’t really think about the exact mechanics of how it actually moves across the screen. But, if you actually knew just how complicated it is to make it move around … Continue reading

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/ heh funny

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