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/ Latest Work From London

Looks like the RightRouter Lounge from Broad Street Digital is getting ready for London Calling, the Trade digital music event. thanks Jerome for the pics

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/ Latest Work in Hong Kong

Jackie, our youngest designer was in Hong Kong and Singapour lately and did some work locally during his stay. whatever it says on the banners it looks good!.

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/ dueling billboards

funny picture of dueling airline billboards in Mumbai, India.

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/, wysiwyg….not.

Blogs are everywhere (aren’t they?) its been around for a while but now it is just getting out of hand, or finger keystrokes for that matter. I can’t remember how many clients told us they wanted to incorporate blogs as … Continue reading

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/ Naked mexicans

The last record was of 7,000 naked people photographed in Barcelona in 2003. Spencer Tunick is breaking records again with his latest photo shoot in Mexico City’s Zocalo square. The center of the ancient Aztec empire and the heart of … Continue reading

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/ White & Nerdy

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/ freaky pyramids…

Franks post reminded me of the Ryugyong Hotel a project started in the late 80′s in the paradise of the Peoples Republic of North Korea. Another monument to freaky

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/ Apple to Integrate iTunes into Bebo

The announcement just came out today. Very exciting. The reason is because Apple, unlike Microsoft, has never publicly stated its position on Social Networking, and has stayed very silent about it. So to see them start taking steps towards working … Continue reading

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/ Change in all things is sweet.

I’ve started doing it. I’ve made the switch to InDesign. Some of the conventions are frustrating at first, but I’ve found a pretty decent overview of the changes at macworld. Moving to a new place can be hard. Comfortable habits … Continue reading

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/ Tokyo Bay Pyramid

Here’s an eight-minute video that shows you a grandiose idea somebody dreamed up: building a 3000-foot-tall pyramid in Tokyo Bay. This megacity would be so tall, and would have such tremendous volume that 24 80-story skyscrapers could be suspended within, … Continue reading

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