/ uwishunu.com, wysiwyg….not.

Blogs are everywhere (aren’t they?) its been around for a while but now it is just getting out of hand, or finger keystrokes for that matter. I can’t remember how many clients told us they wanted to incorporate blogs as part of their online marcom strategies but I can remember how many could actually understand and run one, that would be NONE. Everybody loves the idea but nobody wants to commit to update it as many times as possible to keep the content new. Anyway, the board of tourism of beautiful Philly as decided as part of their $5 million dollars promo campaign to rely on a blog to address tourists.
Let me think? tourists aren’t always sure what they are looking for, have a limitied amount of time to search information and book their trip, so why would you use a blog, which is a platform that build (sometimes interesting) content over time in a subjective way to give an overview of your city and to-do’s via a blog?
I didn’t get that one. Ok the name is interesting but not sure of the entire strategy.

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