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/ Safari 3… The fastest browser on Windows!

It is fast… Since it doesn’t render most of the text! Including the application’s menu. Released yesterday and already people are having the same issue (Probably like me, using a 3rd party font manager.)

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/ Top ad-tricks in Tokyo’s train stations

Credits go mostly to PingMag. Thought I’d post this as an addition to Dave’s contribution earlier. It just goes to show how creative you can be, even if we everyday functions such as riding the train, or going up an … Continue reading

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/ All of the following is true…

Life After Death by PowerPointAdd to My Profile | More Videos

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/ Old Factory conversion…

By the Islington Canal again. This is an old factory being converted into lofts.

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/ Interesting Find…

While waiting for our bus back home in Camden (#31), I spotted an interesting sign on the side of the building across the street…

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/ i (heart) photomerge…

Panorama from Islington, London. Taken by the Canal. Used photomerge to stitch. But no Blending to keep the original images size.

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/ Flabergasted!

i still can’t believe Adweek headline. The French teaching internet strategies to the US. read about the new French president internet strategy and how it could influence the democrats (if not the republicans)

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/ inappropriate use of the colour pink

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/ London 2012 and 1 idea

okay, the bashing started right away the second the presentation was finished. so far 90% of people hates it. I keep reading the brand arguments and descriptors and it still look like a hard sell. Whoever sold this logo is … Continue reading

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/ nice ad

nice unexpected use of space…

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