/ It ain't Kansas…or is it?

Every summer in New York seems to have its official theme; two years ago it was the Black out theme, last year was the ” boiling temperature” theme, looks like this year it is tornadoes, flooding and thunderstorms ” theme. So while we broadly look over the crippled transportations and network infrastructures of the richest (financially) country in the world and we still wonder if climate change is an invention, I hereby declare August the official thunderstorm and flooding ( and steampipe explosions) month by releasing the limited-edition-unisex-collector-T-shirt. I think it is time to have lavish fundraising galas at the Metropolitan Opera or Carneggie Hall for the Transit System Cure. Minneapolis resident will get a 20% additional tax- deductible on their pledge.

P.S. My good friend Anne at KCSA Public Relations remind me of the current “twofer” on t-shirts so here is the second one (that is already oudated though.) these PR people, they know how to create stories… thanks Anne.
NYC thunderstorm tshirt 2007

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