/ What Color is Your Parachute?

We have been working since last december on the Enterprise identity of VSNL, i keep seeing more and more vertical bands “a la Paul Smith”. Then I came accross the fall 2007 color trends just released a few weeks ago;
the cool scheme is the main DNA enterprise band and the “Quiet” Scheme is the IT infrastructure color break down! I guess we were already ahead of that release. too bad we are canning the entire color band concept this fall…its getting harder to design with 2009 in mind.
In a more designer-centric ordeal, it is always good to look up Pantone color trends for 2008, just in case we are likely to get a retail project…I wonder if BlueSponge, the toronto -based agency saw this already when they designed the TrueRoots campaign for the Voice Business Unit. (except nobody told them that green was a no no in India)

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