/ First Muji retail store open in US

News from Cranes Business, the famour Japanese – anti-brand – minimalistic – products-looking store – Muji, is opening 2 independent retail locations simultaneously in the Renzo Piano designed, New York Times Headquarter on Time Square (not sure it is a great location for a japanese minimalistic product where hot dog, hollywood blockbusters and new york city mugs are thriving with the mid-west crowd) And a downtown location more in line with their consumer profile.
The Japanese franchise has been present in Europe for at least 10 years with stores in Paris London Japan etc.
From office products to bike, furniture and minimalist black pants, Muji is the walmart with good taste and no branding clutter, it set itself apart by never branding any product they sell beside a removable sticker, no design, no labels, no nothing… which is a counter-intuitive way of branding itself. It has been very successful in Europe so with e New York, super snutty and ellistic new york crowd it should work extremely well too. If Apple would produce pencil they would be made by Muji. One more asian global consumer brand entering Soholita. ( see Uniqlo on Broadway)

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