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Apparently we are too busy taking care of our clients that our “work” page looks like nothing was done since a while. Here is a quick list of the web work we have done since the last 6 months.
Stop the Haze.org, a Not-for-profit organisation based in Singapore to address the Forest Fires and haze from Thailand and threaten the environment in the South- Asia region.
we are currently working on expending this site as we speak.

Teladvisor, is a long time client that is involved in cost-efficient solutions for telecom billing
we developed the identity as well as the website and the interecative team has spent a lot of time developing specific flash- based and database driven applications presented as tools that help Teladvisor customer do quick calculation of potential savings.

Bacchus Wine Fund, a Private fund dedicated to california and west coast wineries for whom we did the entire identity and the electronic presence.

Donlin Recano ad campaign and website redesign is something we also completed before the summer. They are specialized in Bankrupcy law. Even though the subject sounded boring It was an intersting challenge to come up with something nice and modern that could be used throughout various applications and medium.

I was about to forget ” Broad Street Digital“, a digital music and video content provider based in UK, I know the guys had fun on this one!

and that was just for the web part….

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