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/ outsourcing -> insourcing

An interesting read on some of the more recent outsourcing trends. It would be easy to imagine Reno, Ohio, as the type of place that would be hit hardest by outsourcing – a small American town losing out to the … Continue reading

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/ How NOT to design a website

in 1 easy step. 1. Don’t do anything that even vaguely resembles this

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/ it really is a dogs life

there’s a fine line between loving your dog and spoiling your dog and while STC has a couple of very spoiled dogs, neither Willy or Alfie (what’s that smell?) have any of these doggy toys (yet). illustration only, no actual … Continue reading

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/ That's where I live

Yeap… I live in one of these block of flats…

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/ History of Singapore in 5 minutes

STC NY invaded Singapore for 2 days and still can’t get enough of it. I know you are busy people, so here is the history of Singapore in 300secs…

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