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/ the tube

the London Transport Museum has put online all of the posters in their collection. definately worth a look. Am I the only one that wants to start a guerrilla campaign to replace the NYC MTA’s (awful) posters?

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/ it's friday!

for some reason there seems to be a preponderance of lizards and chameleons in the office lately

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/ Giant ads set for world's busiest runways

this it TOO MUCH! Giant ads set for world’s busiest runways LONDON (Reuters) – Advertisers aiming to reach high-flyers with no alternative distraction will soon have a new method: adverts the size of three football pitches seen by plane passengers … Continue reading

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/ Sophia join STC singapore

Sophia Ng responded positively to the offer so as of October 1st we will officially have a junior graphic designer in the far East! Welcome Sophia. Make sure you have a green tea slurpee on behalf of Dave. and Keep … Continue reading

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/ Boo 2

wow, looks like Tonga really got upset over that one and felt they had to come up with one scarry scream too Still dont have the word translation…

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/ Boo!

Its not Halloween yet and the New Zealand Rugby team are already working on their costume as well as their scarry faces. in the cross-culture serie, and since the rugby on (yes, my Irish friend are on their way out … Continue reading

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/ OMG! Somebody in Miami is after me ?!?

Oh no! What have I done to deserve this? Where can I hide? Will I be safe in Singapore?

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/ logo trend or no trend

Just like in everything, there is apparently a trend for logos. after the all – swoosh out, up down, left right of the 90, and the embossing 3d effect ( UPS, etc..) of the millenium, we are navigating between the … Continue reading

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/ DHTML is teh roX0r

A lot of people are confused about the difference between Flash and so called “static” web pages, they just don’t realize the level of interactivity that can be achieved without any flash. technologies such as mootools , ajax and scriptaculous … Continue reading

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/ learne to speaque like les real parisiens…

Here is site that has been around for a while but keeps coming back from different sources. Very fun and put together by the uk Office of the french tourism bureau out from London. So if you want to know … Continue reading

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