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/ halloween+design

when design gets scary, you get a flying stealth bike or a bat on wheel

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If it looks familiar, the number in the headline is STC Singapore’s telephone numbers. IDA Singapore is going to allow fully numeric domains with registration process to start on Nov 2 and a bidding process to follow. Bids for single … Continue reading

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/ vintage vs. outdated

One of the staple of graphic design is that you are able to tell instantly how old is a brochure or any piece of printed material for that matter. That is usually because either the design is rather trendy or … Continue reading

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/ Maths question of the week (with answer)

The following maths question came out in the recent Singapore Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) which are for 12- years-old. NB: You cannot use algebra to solve the question, only via arithmetic methods. Shop A has 156kg of rice. Shop … Continue reading

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/ Taxis of evil

Since a few weeks the nyc cab fleet is arboring a new “logo” on their door, i have to figure out if it wasnt better before. quite frankly i keep looking at it, its not looking better everyday. Okay they … Continue reading

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/ Dream Machine

Sophia is busy at work eversince the new iMac came in today…

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/ Signage in SG up, up and staying up!

The signage is finally up.

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/ This is for you Laurent…

Although everyone should enjoy this picture. Sunday lunch in Saint Martin Petit, France…

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/ morning spotting

Want to learn about pr promo and marketing? just spot the street promos and figure out what makes it memorable or not. This morning on the way to the agency, i spotted the jamba juice promo, nothing special, handing away … Continue reading

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/ TATA INDICOM enterprise site is up

After an intense 4 months of back and forth with the client in India, the site is now up and available to the enterprise World. Despite having seeing it too many time, i have to admit, this site looks good … Continue reading

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