/ vintage vs. outdated

One of the staple of graphic design is that you are able to tell instantly how old is a brochure or any piece of printed material for that matter. That is usually because either the design is rather trendy or inadequate. It is usually easy to tell by the typeface of the moment and the pictures (stock images) what was done when. So most of the time when you look at old brands either they became obsolete,
even Paul Rand’ s logo for UPS got old at some point, or hold some sort of style that is timeless because not anchored in a specific design trend, or stand up by its own. I would think of the old westinghouse logo, the GE logo. then are those that look old but still have a cachet of some sort because either it still look graceful or so simple it has this business naiveté of the old time. this is the latter I came across this morning on the way to the office.

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