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/ BrandCorp, DeKeting

The branding section of BusinessWeek has been updated with new content; you can find it here. Some more design featured in the Marketing world via fast company’s Special issue on Master of design essentially the sphere of the star designers … Continue reading

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/ the UGLY is back

the September issue of CREATIVE REVIEW, the british magazine for the esthetic minded feature an odd if, interesting article about “the new ugly” notably featuring the infamous London 2012 identity, already mentioned earlier on this blog as well as the … Continue reading

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/ who's getting one?

the real estate crash is surely getting in full gear in the U.S. and it has been coming up for months now. It became more obvious when , last week , the UK based Real Estate company FOXTONS filed chapter … Continue reading

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/ Sophia's first art masterpiece

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/ more new hires

A few more people over the last few weeks; Heather Vance is the new voice and help out Dina, Jessica Rivchin just joined today and will be working with Carolyn and Kristen in the PR/Comm department. Also in Singapore Sophia … Continue reading

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