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/ 36 hours in Singapore

That sounds like a STC business trip. In case you guys have 15mn free on your trip you can check out what the new York Times has planned for you. This Sunday edition features a 36 hours visit schedule of … Continue reading

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/ typo or not typo?

If somebody sees the Three-Legged Man, please let him know about that great promo offer.

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/ Tis the season to be jolly

Merry Christmas from STC Singapore! A little something we’ve put together for the festive season, and also to keep us 4 company. Merry Christmas everyone. Don’t get too sloshed. From – Alan, Grace, Aaron, Sophia

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/ Dewarism

In the craze of the STC holiday party, I almost forgot to mention that Dewar’s street promo captured at the corner of 23rd and 5th Avenue During Lunch; Celebrate Repeal Day on December 5th. It looked so real people were … Continue reading

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/ seasonal commercial


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/ day late : dollar short

Too bad this name’s already taken…BIG RED AND SHINY

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/ Monkey beats

Apparently Monkeys reach higher when they listen to Phil Collins and eventually eat english chocolate. this commercial is praised at The 2007 EPICA Awards, euro commercials celebrations, but not sure if it serve the “Cadbury” brand rather than the “Genesis” … Continue reading

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/ year end wraps

it’s that time of year again. everyone’s got year end wraps up & running. a couple of good ones I’ve seen recently are; Best of CSS / Web Design Best Web Design Art Directors 87th Annual Design gallery (may be … Continue reading

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