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/ freaky but funny ad

Copy at the bottom says “Pickle In? Pickle Out? Only you decide how you want our burger.”

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/ from the world of pr, an example of the need for crisis management…

Perhaps Vietnam Airlines should look into getting some well-skilled PR professionals to fix this for them… “Ton of Snakes Seized on Plane”

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/ its a device culture

a $10.00 starbucks card for whomever find out what this commuter device’s name is and from what decade it belong to…

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/ We heart balls!

Graziano Cecchini has struck again! The naughty artist dumped half a million brightly colored balls down Rome’s famed Spanish Steps on Wednesday. Apparently, the Italian police don’t appreciate art. They detained Graziano after Wednesday’s little incident. This is just the … Continue reading

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/ Tata Nano, world's cheapest new car, is unveiled in India

Tata Nano, world’s cheapest new car, is unveiled in India …just dont try and drive faster than 65mph Ryan

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/ Inspiration – Comparison

I have been following the branding for St Germain for a while now as one of the best i have seen lately in Liquor. Its all about conveying the atmosphere of Paris Circa 1920-1930 and the US based design firm … Continue reading

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