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/ demotivator

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/ Snow Blanket

I was wondering what Stieglitz would have done with a cell phone…

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/ Award

Looks like we made the top three of the Gutenberg award for the Bacchus Capital Fund Investor folder. Our Printer in Montreal informed us this morning. If we strike the gold we will be on the short list for the … Continue reading

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/ Branding hangover

After unleashing the ” monster” over the week, we are entering that weird state of post launch hangover, where for weeks we have been intensely and insainly working about 22 hours a day, if not around the clock, all offices … Continue reading

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/ history lesson

Neatorama has a pretty cool overview of “tech” companies logos and how they’ve evolved over the years. I was most surprised at just how faithful the Canon logo has stayed over the years (well with the exception of the first … Continue reading

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/ Phone Smart

Hi!! I am a newbie to blogging! (Cheers/Applause) thank you – thank you… Here is a smart trick that your mobile phone can do – (thanks to GOOGLE) – provide an address, directions or number for a restaurant you’ve been … Continue reading

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/ floating

dave said if you attach many balloons to me, this is what will happen: would love to try that one day.

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