/ Branding hangover

After unleashing the ” monster” over the week, we are entering that weird state of post launch hangover, where for weeks we have been intensely and insainly working about 22 hours a day, if not around the clock, all offices combined, and now we are looking for some post traumatic relief (so are friends, girlfriends, husbands, spouses and kids)
Some are already jetting off to tropical islands, enjoying European spas, while others are staring at the ceiling or doing their nails thinking, “what are we doing next?”; Yes it what that exhilarating working as a team creating this amazing thing and actually thinking for a minute that this was just pure insanity or it was going to implode anytime soon.
oF course there was a few fights, a few twisted ankles, a few throw ups and too much sugar consumptions but that was just for a minute, in all our craziness and legendary – that’s just crazy but it will get done – mentality, we made it happen again, now we just need to move on to actually implement the whole thing and make sure the soufflé doesn’t come down flat. Seeing all these articles from magazines and newspapers pinned on the wall from all over the world make you feel good though. I am already bored, when is the next one?

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