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/ We may need to recruit this kid

As rich and robust our IT department is, we may have to open a spot for 11-year old Jon Penn, who manages his elementary school’s 60-machine network. This all started when the previous network administrator at his Sherwood, Arkansas school … Continue reading

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/ Design+Food

I give credit to my good friends and Neighbors, Ted and Deb, for raising my curiousity this morning during the Commute. Deb was hungry so Ted pull out this, hmm, banana shaped tuperweare kind of with side ventilation, that protects…, … Continue reading

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/ Jean Nouvel, Gets top prize

my early-in-my-work-life “master”, Jean Nouvel, finally gets the Pritzker Prize, the equivalent of architecture’s Nobel Prize. I remember working there with no French citizen in sight and everybody speaking english in the office, that was global already. We worked on … Continue reading

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/ Coffee is viral

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/ WAMU – bright looking ads

i like the look of these simple bright looking ads. the minimal approach is effective as it was enuf to make me take a picture of the ad and post it on the site. strong stuff

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/ how to spruce up interest – make something limited edition

By now, you should have already seen the numerous “IV” ads wheat-pasted around the city – they’ve been up for the past year or so. All they show is the roman number for four, and the words “coming soon”. For … Continue reading

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/ robot babysitter or punching bag?

I came across an article today about a robot babysitter. My first reaction was that if I were a 5 yr old kid, I would initially be pretty amused and then I would try to take the thing down. Here’s … Continue reading

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/ the Coney Island consortium purchase the Eiffel Tower

The trend of the time is at Globalization and franchising about everything from Food (Alain Ducasse restaurant in Singapore anyone ) to Art. The guggenheim foundation at some successes (Bilbao) and some failures (south street seaport downtown + Las Vegas … Continue reading

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/ great ad


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/ word of the week

keming. noun is defined as; the result of improper kerning

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