/ the Coney Island consortium purchase the Eiffel Tower

The trend of the time is at Globalization and franchising about everything from Food (Alain Ducasse restaurant in Singapore anyone ) to Art.
The guggenheim foundation at some successes (Bilbao) and some failures (south street seaport downtown + Las Vegas Museum – Who goes to Las Vegas to see an art exhibit?) now it is the turn of the Coney Island Parachute Jump Consortium to expand beyond its frontier.
See the latest proposal by serero architects for the “temporary” observation of the Eiffel tower in Paris, I mean the Eiffel Parachute Jump brought to you by the Coney Island Consortium. The “Temporary” structure (the eiffel tower was supposed to be temporary to about 120 years ago) should host double attendance and remain for the entire 2009.
I am talking two bets; one, this will never be built, second, that the line downstairs will be even longer if it ever happen. yet, would love to see 10 million people going up there a year.

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