/ how to spruce up interest – make something limited edition

By now, you should have already seen the numerous “IV” ads wheat-pasted around the city – they’ve been up for the past year or so. All they show is the roman number for four, and the words “coming soon”.


For those in the gaming world, it meant that Grand Theft Auto IV was in the works. As the year went by, Rockstar games threw up a huge mural on Canal Street in New York City.


Now with the April 29 release date approaching, Microsoft has decided to create some more marketing buzz by creating a limited edition GTAIV themed Xbox360 Elite which won’t be sold in stores, but will perhaps create greater interest in trying to obtain one. There is no word on cost, but this extra special Xbox Elite system features automotive-quality paint on the sides of with GTA IV box art and a serial number indicating which number of 500 you have. I don’t know if there are “xbox-heads” out there, but without a doubt this will be on their wish lists. Check it out:


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