/ We may need to recruit this kid

As rich and robust our IT department is, we may have to open a spot for 11-year old Jon Penn, who manages his elementary school’s 60-machine network. This all started when the previous network administrator at his Sherwood, Arkansas school simply got up and left (just like Jason), leaving the IT systems in shambles and in the hands of the school librarian. Turns out though that the librarian is actually Jon’s mom, so she handed the duties over to him. Jon has since scrubbed the aging Windows 98 machines of their accumulated viruses and spyware, and he’s installed a firewall and virus/spam filter to keep things clean while he works out a plan to move to Windows 2000 and centralized system management.

Currently Jon is handling a variety of IT requests like fixing paper jams to revising server configurations, but this summer he hopes to obtain his A+ Certification, a computer-technician certification. Aside from that, he is hoping to make time to train our very own Jorge Q.

Jorge's Mentor

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