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/ would you goto this art show?

this is horrible not sure what the deal is here, but the artist should be tied up to starve and the dog should be helped out.. arghh!

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/ had a good meal at Petite Abeille

cool graphics on the walls, and the bbbbeeeessssttttt beer a person could get. 252 E 77th St. b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave.

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/ i dont care who you are

that’s genius right there.

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/ excellent packaging design

i would buy these products even if i don’t need them. all images courtesy of

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/ The Telectroscope (May 22 to June 15)

New Yorkers could see their English cousins across the pond Thursday without benefit of cable TV or video conferencing, courtesy of an unusual live optical hookup created by a conceptual artist with a fanciful tale of a long-lost tunnel.

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/ recipe for great abstract photos.

1. buy a really really expensive camera. 2. set the shutter speed for a long exposure. 3. throw it in the air. 4. try not to sh*t your pants. 5. catch it.

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/ alligator xbox

people are really into modifying their toys these days. the other day i came across a blackberry 8800 and iphone owned by Pharrell of the Neptunes/BCC/Ice Cream who encased his two phones in 24k gold. This week I came across … Continue reading

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/ currency artwork

I came across these designs by illustrator Pedro Izique today. These were created for an ad campaign for a leading Brazilian business newspaper called Gazeta Mercantil by the São Paulo office of ad agency JWT. The print ad redesigns the … Continue reading

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/ google logo contest

google logo contest some of those sketches are real nice, regardless of age. very humbling!

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if you spend too much time in front of a computer you turn to plastic, your arms fall off and wires come out of your head. i spotted this poor guy trying to get a donut this morning…

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