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/ more art or graffiti comes to new york

The other day some banksy-esque pieces were put up on new york walls. Turns out though that the artwork is actually from another UK artist named nick walker. He has used his own stenciling designs, but i must say its … Continue reading

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/ great animation


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/ ascii art

love-er-ly click here then upload an image and render it into ascii characters. reminds me off the era of 300 baud dial up modems and crappy BBS’s

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/ i nominate jorge

NASA Offers $5000 a Month For You to Lie in Bed

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/ wonder no more

do you ever wonder what 1980′s Meat commercials looked like in Soviet Estonia? [youtube]5LWL2Ii7rxo[/youtube] link to video on youtube here.

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/ New Graphic Design in China

New Graphic Design in China Stylish art from China, many different styles. Quote from the article: “in the country [China] where, …until a decade or two ago, graphic design and illustration were the preserve of the propagandists” Times are a-changin’

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/ i want this

i need this for our next event. [youtube]F_citFkSNtk[/youtube]

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/ Meatwater

A very good friend of mine has come up with the interesting branding project: …looks familiar? It all started by word of mouth and has snowballed to hundreds of thousands of hits last month and some international art shows. … Continue reading

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/ another Adobe announcement

the new beta of their online photo editing, organizing and sharing application Photoshop Express It looks to be written in flash, vaguely reminiscent of Picnik.

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/ Ivan Maximov – Fru 89 From left to right

Ivan Maximov – Fru 89 From left to right yes it all moves from the left to the right in this “sketch of transformation and vanity”. they dont make’em like they used to.

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