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/ 8bit world

What does the inside of the earth look like in the 8bit world?

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/ giant ad

there was no need for this movie to be made…. but the size of the ad is giant and thats something…

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/ street sign

i searched the block but failed to find a desk for the cabbies to relax with hot drink at. this sign is misleading.

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/ Enter the Comic Book

Uniqlo down on Broadway has redesigned their middle staircase area with a wall-to-wall giant comic book theme. The design is crazy looking and it feels like you’re in a comic book.

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/ Information wants to be free

Adobe announced today that they’re are opening the SWF and FLV file formats via the Open Screen Project. Even though this was most likely an attempt to head off Microsoft’s Silverlight entry it’s still a huge step towards the write … Continue reading

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