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Prada and Rem Koolhaas, the eternally young, ever trendy skinny Dutch architect with an attitude (really)
teamed up again after their “museum like-stores” in New York City and LA. Now they’re getting ready to launch a new experiment in Korea.

Here is the review via WWD

Prada unveiled its latest collaboration with Rem Koolhaas and AMO (the think-tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture) called Transformer, which “is a tetrahedron structure in lieu of a theater that will accommodate cultural, artistic and fashion events Prada is organizing. The project is led by Rem Koolhaas together with associate Kunlé Adeyemi and design architect, Alexander Reichert.” They are scheduled to take place in Seoul, South Korea located next to the 16th century Kyunghee Palace from March to July 2009.


The Transformer can be rotated on each side depending on the event, with four different facades and floor plate configurations, so that floors become walls and walls become the ceiling. Each of the four programs will function on unique steel-framed shapes: a hexagon, a cross, a rectangle and a circle. Prada Transformer will be built with the support of LG Electronics, which also makes Prada’s portable phone; Hyundai Motor Co., and real estate developer Red Resource, whose international projects include the City of Irvine in California, in collaboration with the French fashion association. The Korean automaker is also developing “a special project” with Prada, but no details were provided by the companies.

I love small schematics, and here is a little drawing that explains the transformation.


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