/ The Landscape of Indian Art

I keep asking myself the question, where is the Indian Art scene and who does what in this fascinating country.
If you are in London you can have a good look at the current state of Indian Art landscape and see a few pieces of art by today’s most pro imminent Indian artists.

Here are a few samples:

M. F. Husain
M. F. Husain (born 1915) is one of India’s most respected artists. He started his career in 1937, painting hoardings for the popular Bombay cinema. As a founding member of the avant-garde Progressive Artist Group in 1947, Husain was anxious to forge a new vocabulary in Indian art and he created a new style in painting, which was a brilliant synthesis of tradition and modern. He continues to produce colorful and provocative canvases, incorporating themes from Indian religion, history and culture.


Dayanita Singh
Dayanita Singh (born 1961) is best known for her photographic portraits of India’s urban middle and upper-class families. These images of people working, celebrating or resting show Indian life without embellishment. Her latest work such as Blue Scenery Series, 2006-08, has concentrated on depictions of places. The dissemination of her photography as mass-produced and disposable objects such as wallpaper, books, calendars and postcards is a driving force of her recent practice.


Kiran Subbaiah
Formally trained as a sculptor, Kiran Subbaiah (born 1971) works in a range of media, including assemblage, video and internet art. A common approach of his practice is the subverting the form and function of objects, through which he questions the relationship between use and value, highlighting contradictions inherent in everyday life. Irony, deadpan humor and a crude aesthetic provide Subbaiah with simple binaries – functional/defunct, action/reaction and cause/effect to tease out his ideas and observations.


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