/ Inspire Me: Rebranding Pepsi and Tropicana

We are only 8 days in the new year and two major brands have launched new campaigns of their products.
Both are redesigned by the Arnell group.

The first one is Tropicana Orange Juice, and the other one is PepsiCo. In my opinion I find the rebranding disappointing. Arnell got the assignment back in April for Tropicana.

I am an average Tropicana consumer and I buy my carton at the food store every week. Last week, I had to look twice at this packaging and really try to figure out what was better about this one. I am sure there was a battery of consumer focus groups that lead to that design, but I am still not convinced.


When I think orange juice i think of something fresh that energizes me and soothes me, and the old packaging did a good job of this.


The below picture actually give more credit to what it looks like: a dull picture of a glass of orange juice that looks so sad you wonder if it has been siting on the kitchen table for 3 hours already. The brand name positioned vertically is a disaster too. In short I thought I was in the medication aisle looking for some cough syrup (ok orange juice works for that too). Stuart Elliot featured an article in today’s New York Times about it.

Did I put it back on shelf to buy something else? No, only because I know what the product taste like.

PepsiCo is also rebranding and launching an online campaign. It is going leaner and fresher (www.refreshingeverything.com). It may be the design economy; we are also saving on boldness too. The production department is going to love it: there is no shading, no drop shadow, no fancy embossing effect, or mirroring “a la Apple” buttons. It should be a no brainer for printers. The funny part (or not so funny) is the white stripe is getting closer to the Coke typeface, in this double curvy shape.


You may have seen the commercial (by TBWA/Chiat/Day) during New Year’s Eve, and you will certainly see it during the Super Bowl. Have you noticed the acoustic guitar on the spot? just like the Apple campaign… it is also a TBWA/Chiat/Day account by the way.

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