/ Make Something With Your Hands: Google Chrome

Interesting exploration of a life size photo shop desktop screen, in parallel the ad campaign ran in Japan by Google for its web browser Chrome seems to explore the same spirit of a return to the basic. Would it be that we are so engrossed in the use of technology that we are missing the craft of doing real painting with real brushes and colors? A client mentioned recently in a meeting that their sales people lost touch of their customers because they were communicating via emails only and rarely meeting face to face anymore.

I feel that a lot of designers are loosing touch with the process of making “things” because the only space left on their desks is for a screen and a keyboard. In this day and age of quick deadlines and the capture of drawn, scanned, and emailed projects, we have lost a little bit of the exploration that was coming through making  things and looking at the mistake then fixing them and building again.


The Google ad is here: Google Chrome

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