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/ Out of Box Thinking: Biz Cards

Unlike the freak below, this guy actually has a cool business card.

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/ You Call that a Presentation?

Now that’s a presentation.

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/ Living with Sasquatch

You guys have to try this! Bring Sasquatch to life right before your eyes. Enjoy

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/ Note the Make of Car!

Note the make of car!

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/ Double Your Pleasure

Double your Pleasure I love the photoshopdisasters website. Always good for a laugh.

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/ Ben Linus

Not strictly STC related, but I know we’ve got a few Losties in the house. This clip from Jimmy Fallon is hysterical.

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/ Guerrilla Done Right

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/ Project Dragonfly

This looks pretty damn cool. Autodesk’s Project Dragonfly lets you build a virtual room. Add furniture windows and doors, and view the result in 3D.

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/ Rock & Roll PSA*

Bananaz the Gorillaz documentary just premiered online Looks sweet. *Public Service Announcement.

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/ Love and Hate with Comic Sans

Comic Sans is a typeface for people that know nothing about type, and for most graphic designers it is a virus that wont go away and seems to be rapidly spreading. “Love it, love to hate it, or hate that … Continue reading

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