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/ Everythings Coming up VW

The GTI Project . It’s work related. I SWEAR!!

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/ What if your Sponsors Don't Pay the Bills?

Astana Cyclists Blank Out Sponsors’ Name in Protest UCI ruling says you cant change logos or the placement of logos on the team kit during a race. So what happens during a three week stage race when your sponsor stops … Continue reading

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/ What is that Giant Sucking Sound.

Great Copy & Execution by VW (of course)

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/ Smashed Up

Cool Google maps mashup for those of you in New Jack. Triptrop NYC tells you how long you can expect to travel from point A to B on the MTA’s series of tubes.

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/ A Peek at a Fun Logo Design

I’m particularly fond of Ed’s electric.

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/ Jet Blue Targets CEOs Affected by the Economy

JetBlue’s new print ad campaign. Does it take an economic downturn for companies to use aggressive marketing? If only more companies didn’t play it safe all the time.

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/ Lance Armstrong's Cool Giro d'Italia Bike

Shepard Fairey, the artist who did the famous Obama poster, has done Lance Armstrong’s Giro d’Italia bike. Since this is the first time Lance is doing the Giro, he got a special bike with cool graphics by Shepard. Where can … Continue reading

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/ Google's first TV Ad

An interesting choice?

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/ Mobile Retail

Some people are busy developing mobile apps (you know, the kind that fit into 1×1 inch real estate), while some other are still downsizing the customer experience like it is 1965; The concept of a tricycle vehicle used as a … Continue reading

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/ great Intel ad

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