Monthly Archives: May 2009

/ Photosynth

Microsoft’s finally announced their answer to Google Street View and it is GOOD. They’re integrating Photosynth with Virtual Earth. Too bad it seems to require Silverlight. Here’s one I made from shots out of our conference room.

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/ STC Associates celebrates its 17th Birthday!

STC associates crew celebrates with an international lunch ( sushi- panini – pizza – indian food) its seventeen birthday today.

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/ Finally creative subway advertising

Best use of advertising I have seen in a long time. What else are you going to do while riding the escalator down to the platform but look up?

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/ Mobile > Online

There is an increasing fine line between what is more compeling between the online experience or the mobile experience as far as interaction, context and contents converge. I am starting to believe that the internet is behind and the relevancy … Continue reading

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