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/ Using Analytics and Design in Concert.

It was one of those minor design changes that you really wouldn’t expect to move mountains. Pedro Sostre and his team at the design firm Sostre & Associates simply added an extra link to the horizontal navigation of a clients’ … Continue reading

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/ Nike Promotions

Nike is doing a “Chalk Bot” promotion at the Tour of France. If there is something your want written on the road, you can request it with Nike and maybe you’ll see your text live at the TOF.

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/ And Now for Something Completely Different.

People talk about ‘thinking outside of the box.’  Boone Oakley doesn’t seem to even know there’s a box. A brilliant re-tooling of YouTube.

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/ Paradigm Shift

According to June Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. report, Hulu is charging almost double the rates FOX gets for the Simpsons online. Fewer ads served during the program means that these shows are still making less money online, but the … Continue reading

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/ finally conclusive proof of why Internet Explorer is a better browser.

I’ve never seen Firefox do this

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/ MTA Succumbs to the Sponsorship Craze

Not sure if I want my subway stop to be called “KFC Carroll Gardens”

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/ The Fun and Wonderful World of Error Pages

How do you notify your audience when something goes wrong? You can put up a boring generic 404 page like this. Or you can get creative. The start of STC’s own 404 page Amazing keyboard cat of WOOT All aboard … Continue reading

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/ Robot Monkey

Where’s my coffee making robot monkey?!

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/ Sophie on Doug Simon Vlog

Sophie, the CEO and Founder of STC Associates, took an interview with Doug Simon for his video blog to discuss STC Associates, our global branding efforts and what sets us apart from other branding agencies. Check it out….

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/ Augment My Reality

This looks like the future of, not only, mobile gaming but mobile everything.

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