/ New York City Ballet Commits the Ultimate PR Sin!

Today news broke from NYT that NYCB had laid off a large group dancers. http://bit.ly/KpQc7 Although this news is understand in a difficult economy especially for the Arts. Did NYCB handle the lay off in a professional manner?

I think absolutely not!

NYCB committed the ultimate PR sin by declining to give any comment. Didn’t anyone there take PR 101? Never say no comment. In doing so, the company projects a negative ruthless image to the public.

Naturally NYT sought out to find these laid off dancers and get their reactions. Most of those stories were about worried and shocked dancers feeling lost and confused. This will not help boost ticket sales!

Is an apology from NYCB on its way? I hope so! If I was their PR person I would highly advise it.

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