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/ In 2009, the (font) Bomb Exploded…

Ikea switches from Futura to Verdana. Font nerds go nuts.

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/ Monkey Business

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

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/ Talk Talk Viral

Put-pockets…perhaps a bit long but creative.

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/ Let me sell that Mother*&%#er.

Art & Copy, looks like alot of fun.

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/ Post More Bills

This is a great collection of retro poster designs

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/ My Internet is broken…

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/ Neon Top Tube Pad Trend

I am ready for the neon top tube pad trend to STOP! (in addition: neon bar grips, neon rims, and even neon chains will also STOP!) It’s played out… its not customization, its retardation.

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/ Autopersonizable Direct Mail

A genuinely interesting and interactive Direct mailer idea.

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/ A Fun and Interactive Web site

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/ What a Nice Way to Waste a Backyard

this is a nice way to spoil your backyard If i had any space/any backyard I am 100% sure i would NOT do as these people in San Francisco did.

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