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/ Outran

AOL is publicizing its rebranding effort, its not about communication anymore — it’s about content. So the running man is gone. I guess the capital A and the period slapped over a stock image makes for a quick branding. I … Continue reading

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/ Status is Big

Bring your social media habit to the old media. Unless you are in the meat business, in this case you still should go with the beef jerky business card.

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/ Web 2.0 Yourself

So in case you didn’t know yet, everything needs a mirror or shiny effect. In 20 years from now we will remember how Web 2.0 you were.

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/ Killing An Idea 101

Here is a great summary on how to kill an idea….

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/ Who is in Charge?

There is a growing debate over who is in charge of leading the brand. As most of the advertising goes online and via online marketing iterations, some notable brands are making their digital shops the lead agency of record for … Continue reading

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/ Make your Own Multi-touch Installation on the Cheap

Just use some Plexiglass, IR LEDs and a projector for the touch screen: and a little max/msp/jitter genius Anybody got a spare projector?

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/ Old Medium for New Media

Not new but still visually attractive for you, you social-media lover! Info design credits to

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/ Liquid art (continued)

Laurent’s post on Sound + Water reminded me of the work of another Japanese artist Sachiko Kodama who is doing similar work but with ferrofluid. Or we could just fill the pool with Non-Newtonian fluid and encourage people to “walk … Continue reading

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/ sound + water

Yuki Yamamoto will unveil his liquid speakers at Tokyo Tide 2009. An interesting concept of combining sound waves with a liquid element. Now imagine a giant version of this in a swimming pool during a trade show cocktail… [youtube]GA0XCm3wisU&[/youtube]

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/ The Logo Design that Just Died a Little

The Art Directors Club just re-designed their identity & logo. They went from the Albrecht Durer inspired to the craptacular :

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