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/ Developing Websites for the Non-Technical

Quick, name something that you use every day but have no idea how it works, or what exactly it’s doing. Seems silly right? Well what if that thing was a web browser? Hmm. not as silly now is it? Google … Continue reading

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/ Toyota: When the Straight-A student Gets Caught Cheating.

When the news broke about Toyota’s recall, I felt like I used to feel when I was a teacher and the smart, disciplined student who always sat in the front row cheated for the first time. Then, the details unfolded. … Continue reading

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/ Smart May Have the Brains…

I saw this ad during my lunch break today, and while it was eye catching, I had no recollection of what the product being sold was minutes later, nor did I remember what brand it was. Not too effective in … Continue reading

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/ Refreshing a Legendary Brand

The BBC has been broadcasting since 1927, and has had a web presence since 1997, an eternity in both worlds. They’ve got a very interesting post up on their internet blog discussing the growth of their Global Visual Language — … Continue reading

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/ Andy Warhol to Update His Art

Campbell Soup has redesigned its labels using neuromarketing. Would you buy this product because of its warm and fuzzy look? We would.

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/ What's a Brand to become when its icon is gone?

Alexander McQueen, the highly creative brain and fashion designer, left us at his height yesterday. McQueen’s creative heritage left us some of the wildest shows on the runway. He was one of six brothers, and his father was a cab … Continue reading

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/ Conservatives, Liberals and the Art of Simplicity

Conservatives have mastered the art of framing issues in a way that moves people to act, and liberals keep trying to get a dead horse to giddyup. Here’s how conservatives manage to frame ideas people may want to buy. Conservatives … Continue reading

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/ Creative Therapy

A good creative brief can be therapeutic. Bear with me here. You walk into a meeting thinking you know exactly what your brand challenge is and how to fix it. You just need the agency to execute. Then, you get … Continue reading

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