/ The New Wave of Social Media: FourSquare and More…

If you thought Twitter and Facebook were the wave of the future for social media, you may want tweak your thinking slightly. According to a recent article in Womens Wear Daily, several fashion brands are exploring strategies that connect with the consumer, including harnessing applications such as FourSquare, Chatroulette and Foodspotting, which is a visual and local food guide and game that was introduced at the recent SXSW in Austin.

In other words, the playing field has opened up and the future belongs to companies who embrace multiple strategies, especially from the creative point-of-view. Certainly, this is easy to see: multiple strategies on various platforms add up to huge visibility, especially with cumulative traffic on blogs, Twitter, Facebook and now beyond.

Case in point: Have you heard of FourSquare? Its a year-old Web and mobile community and game that allows you to explore places. You can check into hotels, bars, brunch places and stores and earn points each time you do.

Who would embrace FourSquare? Well, you the consumer, for one, if you want to be a brand advocate. There’s nothing better than announcing to the world that you’re frequenting a retail store (and if you frequent it enough, then you win the title of mayor). The point? To win a badge or free products. It provides a way for retailers to identify their most loyal customers and to see who the mayor of your store is. This is who you would ultimately reward in some way, shape or form.

Marc Jacobs was the first fashion designer to embrace FourSquare, and several other designers are following suit. While FourSquare is just one example in this buzz of people embracing social media, it shows you how creativity and the element of fun plays a large role in how you expose your brand and garner followers.

What does this mean for the social media landscape in the future? It means that the more of a multi-channels you have, the better for your brand.

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