/ Recent Work – Montreal 2010

This is a internal sales event for a global Telecom carrier company that took place in Montreal this week.

More precisely, TATA Communications’ voice business unit organized an internal sales event gathering a hundred or so employees from all over the world for a few days. Here is a fast recap of the design process. Our sketches explored the theme of  “raising your voice ” and submitted a few ideas that could relate to potential locations on the Eastern Seaboard of the Atlantic. In the initial exploration, the client was exploring multiple venues and we naturally devised a set of ideas around hosting the event in New York City.

The below drawing demonstrates various applications to the New York City environment, a city world renowned for having a voice.

Once the client approved the idea we moved on to developing more the ideas more precisely and creating a visual language through a set of colors related to the overall company branding as well as insertion of duotone visuals. the overall identity for this event was all about loudness so we worked around large and bold typeface intricated to always create one core block to illustrate the sales team effort.

The next step was all about the environmental branding for the entire event  from signage to in-room drop out items to make sure that the entire experience was carried throughout at a spatial level as well.

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