/ Social Media Confluence: thisMoment Software Platform Embraces All Channels

For brands that want chatter in all social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube…to name only a few) in one controlled environment, here comes a great new Social Engagement software platform called thisMoment (not to be confused with thisMoment.com, which is what the company originally founded and is a place to showcase your life moments in digital and video form).

thisMoment is a new Social Engagement software platform that allows brands to control their messages in one controlled environment while encouraging chatter and participation from the crowd. You can also upload pictures and video across multiple platforms, in keeping with the company’s original purpose. It’s a confluence of mobile devices, social media and real-time Web presence.

Included in this platform is something that most brands have been dying to see: real-time social media metrics. Whatever campaign you design and implement using thisMoment platform, you can instantly see results, chatter, traffic…need we say more?

Some brands that have harnessed this platform effectively so far include Kohls and Summit Entertainment, distributors of the Twilight Saga movies.

What all this comes down to is gathering everyone under one roof when it comes to social commentary. This is not like Tweetdeck, which allows you to see all your channels under one roof as well; rather this platform promotes exchange and confluence of ideas.

At the end of the day, we will probably have one app that does everything for us, from integrate emails, social media to gather all our favorite URLs under one roof. Then how much simpler would life be?

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