/ Rebranding On the Fly

In branding circles we used to say, ” you can’t completely embrace the future if you don’t get rid of the past.” And this is precisely how I felt when heard about this Continental Airlines and United merger.

What a great opportunity for these two companies to start a new brand carried by strong values and customer service dedications, something that has been seriously lagging over the years in the domestic airline industry. Poor on-board experience, constant delays, long waiting lines at boarding etc…

I thought this was going to be the opportunity to finally dust off the Continental brand that has served its purpose over the last two decades and now ready for some new fresh altitude (or attitude?) air. United has also been plagued with serious set backs over the year, not even mentioning the unfortunate connection to the 9/11 events. On the plus side, Continental retains a strong business customers community and extending the continental brand to its final stretch sound like a possible option.

While I was reading articles in the press, my attention was drawn to the backdrop set up for press purpose featuring the “new” brand. Same Continental color, same Continental globe, same typography (or it looks like) but the name has been switched to “United Airlines”. I didn’t know rebranding was going to look this easy.

I would hope this is just temporary until a more uplifting brand is relaunched when the two companies are set to merge next December and beyond: something that make us want to fly again or more often and collect these branded items they used to distribute in the planes.

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