/ Small Businesses and The Responsibility Revolution

It is no secret that consumers love brands that participate in social causes, so much so it seems many companies are feeling compelled to jump on the values bandwagon. Because of their size, small businesses are at the forefront of what is becoming a “responsibility revolution,” and they are going above and beyond the “going green” trend to make a difference in the world and ultimately their business.

So how can you get your business on the CSR track … and actually make a difference (in both the real world and business world)? Here are some suggestions:

- Decide on what your company is passionate about and what it can provide a particular cause.

- Choose an area or focus you want to impact and stick to it. Many businesses think too big and try to fix it all. Small businesses succeed and don’t try to do too much at once.

- Get your team of employees involved and keep them motivated!! It is important to choose a cause or movement that interests the people who represent your company and brand. Many employees likely support causes in their personal lives so open the floor to working with organizations that directly work with your team.

- Promote your involvement! Yes some say self praise stinks – but if your business is making a difference in bringing an organization or cause to the public than further promotion including your businesses involvement can only help them to increase their awareness.

Interested in learning more about small businesses and The Responsibility Revolution? Check out this great Inc Magazine article online.

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