/ Global colorscape of the telecom industry by brand/color association

Since we are working with a lot of telecom and technology companies, I developed this little infographic showing how brandmark in that industry landscape are spreading across regions based on their mark color.This visual study demonstrate that depending where companies are based the brand colors become largely influenced by local culture, belief or trends.Overall, tech companies are know to be on the safe side priviledging the use of Bluesthat represent consistency, reliability and sturdiness. Think IBM, Chase Bank, as example of corporate giants. The telecom sector is primarly driven by technology and engineering as well as infrastructure architects, so it make sense that majority color represented is blue.We can notice some variations at the regional level. In the Middle East the use of the color green, heavily associated with islam is an influencing factor in brand color usage.In the North American Market, the surprisingly little amount of big players also demonstate a well spread landscape where each company  clearly own a color. it is interesting to notice that after the AT&T merger and Cingular Wireless, AT&T has been capitalizing on the usage of orange as the primary color for their brand. It is the only company in this industry landscape that is actually using a primary color different from the primary logomark color.Due to the large market and industry deregulation and competitiveness from one country to the other, Europe has a lot of local brands competing in both the traditional telecom and mobile arena. Since branding is more marketing driven in this region, some logomark are carrying methaphoric subliminal messages that connect with the nature of their vision (Swisscom uses an spinning signal algorithm has an expression of connectivity).India and Asia remain more traditional in the logomark color usage. In india, green is rarely used, once agian due to the religious symbolism meanwhile the conservative usage of blue are heavily connected with the large amount of more rational and process and technical thinking enginnering executives. Asia has a predominant amount of companies using red as the primary colors since in the asian culture red is associated with good fortune and success.Finally africa seems to be well represented with a different array of color that traditionally ereflect the exhuberant mindset and youthful atti

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