/ Visual Trend Report – Fall 2010

I am very excited to share a new initiative we have developed internally and consist in geenrating trend reports on a quartely basis based on what we have observed on the field.

Taking advantage of our offices located in different regions of the globe, we are planning on creating visual records of what is happening and what we are seeing at the moment. A little bit like a snapshot of art, communications, fashion and street trends at once.

The first delivery was crafted over the summer and this fall in New York City and was done by one of our in house designer, Jackie Jack. Enjoy.

“Streetwear is going back and giving new touches to the 70’s retro-looking styles with intense colors and patterns. I see patterns like stripes, patchwork, florals, dots and a mixture of tribal patterns on every street corner.

Boots are still popular for women and there are more people wearing platform shoes with detailed structure plus Roman-looking sandals are still popular. Soft scarves, thin ties and colorful sunglasses with big plastic frames are fashionable accessories this year. The sneakers’ trend is inspired by boxing and car racing boots with high-tops extending to the middle of the calf. Colorful slip-on and canvas shoes are still popular for casual wear.

In the graphic world, designers are going back to the style of street graffiti painting and tribal patterns. Catchy colors like magenta, cyan, red, orange and green have been used a lot recently. Illustrations are becoming a trend, not only in the marketplace, but also in the design world. As computer technology is getting more powerful and user-friendly, more designers have illustration skills—the same as illustrators know how to design a layout.

In branding, big brands like IBM, AOL and AT&T have stepped up and pushed their logos to the next level. But, their names alone are not going to satisfy customers. People are now more concerned with content. For example, when one shops at the supermarket and picks up a package, the focus is not on the brand so much as the ingredients on the back of the product. The same logic applies to these brands: how are they expressing this idea in clever ways.”

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