/ Lucy Courbier, Directeur client development in Europe joins the 10-year club of STCers today!

… Freshly off the plane, my legs and back still sore
… A single bag, a bad boyfriend and my youth in store
… I walked Fifth Ave till I hit two-two-four
… Looked up and said: “Naaahhh, no sky-scraper this one, I’m sure”
… Took the elevator up, phew, that’s 1, 2 3 4!
… Praying silently inside, before the unveiling  doors
… “I like the sound of STC; when I see it, will I dig it more?”
… Lorie was in the lobby, assiduously stomping the floor
… There was red everywhere, people whizzing ‘round, looking self-assured
… A beautiful brunette, clad in black galore [STC signature uniform]
… Glides up to me and says #ff0000">“Welcome Lucy, come hither child, come forth,
… By the way I’m Sophie, don’t call me Mrs, or I’ll shiver at the core
… [aside] Pape, hands off Lucy, spare us the interns, I implore
… [back to me] Roll up your sleeves, scan this report, this is your chore
[Blank look on my face…… as I weigh the 500-page Arbinet steno script she hands me]
… Since then I’ve read and written many scripts: Bayco, Aquasoya, Intellisoy, Register.Pro, FRS, St George, Alliance, Sequoia, the Chicago Zoo, License Magazine and Co……
… I shared blood with the people of the STC horde
… I drank the potion, smoked the calumet, and grew up to be so much more
… And followed a passionate leader, who took us on a world tour.

That was then. I was 22.

Thank you Sophie.

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