/ Re-booted Corporates Re-branding India

In the past few months, India’s leading newspaper, Times of India, has splashed front page advertisements from top corporate houses announcing to the world their re-brands.  Most messages reflect the evolving socio-economic milieu of the nation, though more importantly they’re sketching the image of a re-branded India.

An example of this is Mahindra’s new campaign “Rise.” This campaign calls for empowering the youth to “rise” above. By enabling the youth market with products and services, they establish their repositioning with alternative thinking and innovation. In the site dedicated to this campaign, individuals are invited to define “Rise” and some of the words which resonate with the position of India in relation to it. They describe themselves to the media as:

“A rallying cry which enables people to unify around shared ideas, values, principles, a way of life or a common goal…”

This message draws parallels to India’s socio-political and economic fabric, specifically with the emotions seen in its youth market. Seen in the new age revolution launched by a social activist to stop corruption, the government is being forced to enact laws lessening the red tape ordeal Indians are facing. Indeed India has ‘risen’ to self discovery and empowerment!

Just like Mahindra, Infosys’s repositioning reflects the change in rules of the game, breaking previous conventional thinking and systems. Infosys is newly positioned as Infosys 3.0 which builds tomorrow’s enterprise. If personified, it is the quintessential Indian IT guy, shifting from the role of a dedicated follower to an intuitive leader. No long the imitator but the initiator, a direct reflection of the India that is changing. Just like the new Indian Cricket team, who changed past trends and rules to win the World Cup, heralding the arrival of a new Indian personality like Infosys 3.0.

Re-branding in India is a daunting task and it seems corporate India has taken it upon itself to re-brand the nation.

* Elina is a brand strategy manager at STC’s office in Mumbai

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