/ My Kid In The Bazaar

It was Saturday morning, precisely 10am. Despite being a weekend there was a laundry list of domestic work that had to be done.

Buying grocery, fruits and vegetables was the first item on my to-do list. Bhoomi, my four year old daughter, as usual, was ready to accompany me because she hardly got a chance to see her daddy on the weekdays. She joined me as I pulled out my bike and headed towards the bazaar (Indian open market).

I parked my bike and bought a few vegetables from the two vegetable stall. I was then looking for fruits from one stall to another.

Bhoomi pulled my t-shirt and asked “Dad, what you looking for?”
“Hmm…looking for fruits” I answered without even glancing at her.
‘Apple?” she questioned me.
I said “yes”.
“I can see an Apple there” she was pointing out somewhere in crowded and bustling weekend market.
I ignored her and kept searching myself. She got little annoyed since I wasn’t paying any attention to her.
“Dad…you are not looking at what I am trying to show you.”
‘Okay! Okay! Tell me, where did you see the apples?” I tried to cool her down and pretended to be completely involved in her conversation. I looked at the direction she pointed out to and I noticed one vegetable vendor, selling tomatoes. I guessed she must have mistakenly thought of red tomatoes apples from a distance.
‘My dear, those are tomatoes and not apples’ I smiled at her as I tried to convince her.
She got irritated this time and still pointing out in the same direction, she asked me to check again.
“No. Please see again. You are not looking at what I am showing. Check out that ‘Apple’ there on the shop. It is just like the one on your laptop.”

I was stumbling upon to satisfy her and then suddenly I saw what I couldn’t believe. There was one closed shop of computer hardware and there was a tiny logo of ‘Apple’ on its signage. Bhoomi had instantly identified it with the illuminated ‘Apple’ on my laptop.

It was an eye-opener for me. As a kid, even I or any of my friends did not notice such minute details of advertising as the kids of this generation. Technology advancement has a huge role to play

Apart from my child’s observational skills; something which really made me wonder is how a brand logo makes can make such an impact on those not within their target market. Apple is barely visible in Indian media, hence no re-enforcement, but think of the chaos that brand wars create in this market. Bhoomi is exposed to it everywhere, every day, every hour, every minute and second. The bazaar is now a different kind: nosier and messier. No one can escape it. Not even a four year old!

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