/ Creativity: what is it?

Generally, creativity is described as “taking two disparate thoughts or ideas and forming a brand new one, preferably with a ‘wow’ factor.” Another way of describing “creativity” is this: the ability to illustrate what is outside the box from within the box.

A fantastic example of creativity at its zenith is the exhibit entitled, “Savage Beauty — an Inside Look at the Work of Alexander McQueen” that is currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum.

Beautifully presented, this exhibit melds the work itself with astonishing darkly handsome backgrounds and moody, haunting music. The creativity exhibited in each piece of clothing is truly amazing. For example: a beautiful ball gown made of black parachute silk (yes, parachute) is presented softly moving and billowing (it’s a mystery how this is done).

Attendance at this blockbuster exhibit has been outstanding. See it if you can.

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