/ STC SG: Project Recap…Part I

STC Singapore recently organised the APAC sales “Boot camp” for Tata Communications.  The theme of the two-day event was IMPACT, and the objective was to energise and motivate the staff for the upcoming sales year.

To build on the IMPACT theme, the messaging and tone were modelled around the discipline and determination of a boxer. Inspirational quotes from boxing greats, like Muhammad Ali and Evander Holyfield, were embellished around the office. Boxing gloves and a punching bag were also placed in the office’s common area much to the delight of the staff.

The multi-locale event around Singapore was a fun and much needed break from the daily grind, including a paintball tournament on the first day. Amidst plotting and strategising, team spirit was in the air, everyone later celebrating with the winning team over dinner and drinks at the Singapore Polo Club.The event ended with a special dinner at Chef Daniels followed by an awards ceremony hosted by Boot camp officials. The mood throughout the dinner was lively with numerous toasts and celebratory cheering. The thrilled crowd was a testament to the success of Boot camp, a reminder to the APAC sales force of their achievements and also of their commitment to IMPACT their FY12 goals.


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